Promega Textile Co., established in 2011, is a textile company experienced in casual and sportswear collections, as well as activewear with technical fabrics.

Started its life providing services for Turkish and European Sports Clubs’ collections,  it has joined into the well-known companies of the Turkish Textile Industry just in few years and now, its proud of having 3 successful brands, ex-ported to Europe, Middle East and Canada: Kreya, Namaztique & ProActive Tex.: Last one has been specialized in protective textile products during the Covid-19 Period and now being exported in 5 European countries as well as Canada. In an area of  2500 square meters, in Sultanbeyli, it has an indoor production capacity of 100.000 pieces/month and an overall production capacity of 3.000.000/year, in both knitted and woven products.



Textile Industry, by it’s nature, requires the flexibility and adaptation during all the process of production: from organizational structure to manufacturing and shipment stages.

We are committed to increase the company’s responsiveness to the client’s demands and to maintain price / quality equilibrium in changing conditions of the market.  

Through this holistic perspective of textile process, Promega Textile considers the product as a part of an entire world.

Our primary vision is to maintain this holistic view in all fields, from people who contributed to its birth, to the world in which it was born.

We find important that the efforts in all manufacturing process, be realized according to ethical principles and rules.

The actions to be taken should consider not only our or our clients’ best interests, but also those of the World we are living in.


PROMEGA TEXTILE’s main occupation is to provide textile collections in women, men and children’s casualwear, as well as active collections for Turkish and European Premium Sports Clubs: Fenerbahçe S.K, Galatasaray S.K, Beşiktaş S.K, Club Brugge.

In Covid-19 Post-Period, Promega Textile also started designing & manufacturing fashion masks for it’s customers in Turkey and Europe.

Thanks to years of experience, we are proud of providing all the steps of manufacturing from A to Z in our 2500 square meters of production area.


Once the samples and branding were approved by the client in production samples (preparation of patterns, embroidery or printing stages), the manufacturing process begins.

PROMEGA TEXTILE’s capacity of production is 100.000 pcs/month, as well as small quantities, according to the demand of the clients,

in both knitted and woven products.


And the products are ready to be shipped on time, as promised.


PROMEGA TEXTILE’s Inspection Team is involved in all manufacturing process and are willing to welcome the client’s inpsectors, during the the manufacturing, ironing, labeling and packing, as well as in AQL stages.


In all production steps, ISO and CE standards are to be considered and open to inspection if needed.


PROMEGA TEXTILE appreciates creativity and provides collection design service, when needed.

According to seasonal trends and the brief of the client, Kreya Design team prepares designs for the prospective brand, from the logo, hang-tags to the collections dreamed about.